Office Home & Business 2019 Home & Business 2019 - Setup Home & Business

Microsoft home & business 2019 is the world's number one leading software company that recently updated its further version as a home business 2019. Only Microsoft is the company that provides Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. This software is used in various fields like business, school, office, home, at work, etc. This version can be used for home purposes as well as business purposes. This is only for one PC one Mac and one person as well as single-time purchases too. All the languages are with the update in them. It supports the Windows 10 operating system. It consists of classic apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Even family members can take interest in this office. The office setup home & business 2019 is a one-time purchase type of office. So let's see how to downloaded, installed, and activated.

Now firstly let's see the activation key code or license and the activation process

1. License keycode
It is a 25 digits keycode which is also known as a license. It is used for security purposes so that only a specific person can use it and nothing else. Once it is used no one can use it repeatedly. Do we get it with the package installer? You get a black color card in the package that has this keycode or license.

2. Activation process
Activation is much easier if you have the license keycode. Now go into the start option. Then go into the Microsoft office option. Then select any home & business 2019. Open word. When you open the word you will see the buy option. Instead of that go into settings and in that My Accounts option. Then search for license and keycode. If you already have purchased the keycode then enter the keycode there. Then click on Agree and Update option below there. Here the new package is installed successfully.

Downloading the home & business 2019

1. Take the device where you want to install the software.
2. Then open the browser. Then search for Microsoft home & business 2019 download.
3. Go onto the official website of Microsoft office. Now Create an Account or sign in. To create an account click on Create an Account option.
4. Then fill in the whole credentials like name, email address, password, etc.
5. Then save the information and click the continue option. Now clear the Google verification process by solving the puzzles.
6. It detects that you are not a robot. When verification is completed the account is also created successfully.
7. Let's continue the downloading process; Now go into the menu option search for the download option. Click on the download option.
8. The downloading will begin automatically.
9. You will see the downloading on the bar below. Check the downloading in between.

How to install the office setup home and business 2019?

1. Now go to the downloaded set-up. Right-click on it. A list will appear to click on the extract option.
2. On the desktop of pc, you will see a Microsoft home and business 2019 folder created newly.
3. Then double click on the folder to open it. Then double click on the office.exe Setup option.
4. Run the software and allow to make changes to the device. Then the setup will run. After that click on the Agreements and License option.
5. Firstly read all of the agreements and License then move further. The next step is of language step.
6. Select the language and country where you stay.
7. Then click on the next option. Now next step is to add the license keycode and install the software.
8. Now scratch the card and enter the license keycode safely without making any of the mistakes carefully.
9. When you enter the license key code again two to three times repeatedly check the key code.
10. Whether you have entered it carefully or not or correctly or not. Now click on Agree and Install option below.
11. The software will install successfully. You are ready to use the home business 2019.